Kwita Izina: Rwanda celebrates culture and conservation

Since 2005, Rwanda has been hosting one of the world´s most impressive celebrations of nature. Kwita Izina is inspired by the ancient Rwandan tradition of holding a naming ceremony for babies after birth. It has become an event like no other that promotes ecotourism and maintains the culture and ancient traditions of the country.


kwita izina Rwanda


Kwita Izina Ceremony


The annual gorilla naming festival takes place in Kinigi in the Volcanoes National Park. The week-long program is usually held in September. It includes a conference and several workshops focused on sustainability and conservation topics. The program then ends with a gorilla naming ceremony, traditional music, dancing, and performances from local students and artists. During the ceremony, baby mountain gorillas that were born in Rwanda receive a name. Since the start of the festival in 2005, over 300 baby gorillas have been named.


Kwita Izina attracts thousands of visitors each year and plays an important role in the country´s sustainable tourism initiatives. The ceremony promotes conservation, raises funds, and celebrates the preservation of Rwandan natural and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is a celebration of Rwanda´s continued commitment to sustainability and animal conservation. The festival rewards the achievements made thus far while also addressing future challenges.


Kwita Izina ceremony


Commitment to Sustainable Tourism


Over the years, Rwanda has been focusing on ecotourism by promoting conservation and responsible tourism initiatives. One of the country´s many programs includes a successful trekking itinerary to witness gorillas in their forest homes. Programs provide an enriching experience for the visitor while simultaneously protecting and promoting the conservation of the animals.


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