Colombia’s Vibrant Tradition: The Flower Fair

Nestled in the heart of Latin America lies Colombia, a country renowned for its rich coffee production. Yet, Colombia boasts another natural treasure: its flourishing flower industry. In fact, Colombia is the second-largest global exporter of cut flowers. The country’s floral tradition is deeply rooted in its culture and is celebrated annually through the vibrant event, “La Feria de las Flores.


A Festival of Colour and Culture


During the last week of July and the first week of August, the bustling city of Medellin hosts “La Feria de las Flores.”


Arturo Uribe Arango first initiated the fair in 1957. La Feria de las Flores was conceived as a celebration to honour flower producers and showcase Antioquia’s vibrant traditions. Over the decades, the festival has blossomed into a cultural event. Today, The Flower Festival attracts thousands of locals and visitors alike. Furthermore, it has become one of the most important festivals in Medellin and one of the most attended celebrations in Colombia.



While flowers take center stage, the fair is made up of various events.  These include the traditional parade of Silleteros, the parade of Classic and Antique Cars, the National Festival of Trova, the Orchid Show, and many more activities. At the heart of the Flower Fair is the iconic Silleteros Parade. Originating from the humble practice of carrying flowers to market, the parade has evolved into an impressive display of floral artistry. Silleteros, adorned with intricate floral arrangements, parade through the streets of Medellin and Santa Elena, captivating spectators with their creations.


The Flower Fair not only celebrates Colombia’s floral heritage but also contributes to the economic development of the region. This event brings together thousands of people and attracts visitors from other cities and abroad. The city transforms into a vibrant space promoting its local customs through flowers.



For Colombians and visitors alike, “La Feria de las Flores” is a must-attend event, offering a glimpse into the vibrant soul of Colombia’s culture. 


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