Luxury Hotel to Open in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

World-renowned Luxury Hotel Waldorf Astoria to Open in Costa Rica


Over the last decade, Costa Rica has become a hot spot for world-class luxury hotels, especially in the breathtaking Guanacaste region where there has been a major foreign investment. The coast of Guanacaste has become the quintessential symbol of luxury in the tropics since names such as the Four Seasons, the W and the JW Marriott established a presence. Naturally, the class attracts class, not to mention the fact that Guanacaste is absolutely gorgeous, and with such high-standing names already in place, it comes as no surprise that Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria & Hotels brand also wanted a piece.


guanacaste luxury hotel



The Waldorf Astoria Guanacaste Hotel is currently under construction and will open its doors to guests from all over the world in 2025. Located in beautiful Playa Penca is this spacious property of about 3,000 square meters in size, in which the hotel itself will consist of 190 rooms and 25 residences. The property will include luxury works – from a holistic wellness center to a state-of-the-art gym, from thermal pools to a signature restaurant and bar. Its vast indoor and outdoor spaces will host groups and events of all sorts, from conferences to weddings, offering ultimate quality and luxury.


There have been many eco-friendly specialties announced regarding the construction and planning of the hotel. Among these is the integration of wildlife corridors for the purpose of protecting wildlife in the area, and the exclusive use of electric cars to lessen the impact on the environment. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the sustainability and preservation of natural everything that Costa Rica has going on, and it leads the world by example.


Guanacaste & Surrounding Areas




The Guanacaste area is a tropical oasis with an impressive coastline. Apart from its volcanoes and idyllic beaches, Guanacaste is also known for its forests, farmlands, and culture. The province in northwestern Costa Rica is popular for leisure and business travel and offers adrenaline-filled activities like surfing, kayaking, and canopy tours. 



There is no doubt that this project will be a raging success. After all, the aesthetic, and natural beauty of Guanacaste is to meet the unparalleled luxury of the Waldorf. A whole new level of a tropical paradise is yet to come – Pura Vida!


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