What we learned from IBTM World 2023

IBTM World 2023!


IBTM World marked the last tradeshow of the year, and what a great show it was! With over 132,000 connections made over a span of three days, we saw IBTM World’s most successful show to date. The trade show opened its doors to 2,250 exhibitors from over 150 countries, and almost 4,000 buyers. Focusing on smart technology, IBTM was able to deliver targeted and profitable connections. It was a fantastic show for our global team with 33 exhibiting Ovation destinations, over 1000 appointments, and millions of connections.






Barcelona treated us well! Our local DMCs made connections on and off the trade show floor showcasing the importance of human connection for future business. It was a busy week with full agendas and our Ovation team and incredible Strategic Partners worked nonstop to make it happen!


What learnings do our local teams and strategic partners take away from the show?


  1. Trade shows are key! Once again we have seen the importance of networking on and off the trade show floor for the future of the industry.
  2. Powerful Connections  – We saw an increase in quality meetings this year and a promising number of leads for both 2024 and 2025.
  3. Corporate Buyers – As strong presence of corporate buyer was shown during the show paving the way for increased needs for Master Service Agreements as their objective.
  4. Education was at the forefront – The show had a large focus on learning, with more educational forums, industry speakers, and networking opportunities. It highlighted the importance of sharing our success and challenges with other industry professionals to ensure the growth of the industry.
  5. Innovation and community are essential – Impactful speakers and trade show trend reports showcased the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I), community, and innovation for the future of the events industry.
  6. Technology played a large role– This year’s focus on smart tech allowed for personalized and insightful connections. The matchmaking appointment technology and exhibitor dashboard were just some of the intuitive tools that made evaluating results easier than ever.



Ovation Global DMC cannot wait to be back at IBTM World next year!

See you there!


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