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*Elena Rubio, Sales Manager of Ovation Spain DMC has written this article about Sevilla. 


We know that trips to Spain are currently postponed, but in the meantime, it’s allowed to dream BIG! 🙌 If you want to discover Sevilla from the comfort of your home, we have selected our best insights that will transport you to this magical destination. Here we go!


An Inside Tip for foodies in Sevilla


Sevilla is the cradle of tapas in Spain. Nowadays, you could find in the city a variety of tapas, from the most classic style like the “jamón ibérico” Las Teresas (Sant Cruz quartier) to the author tapas with the Andalusia essence at the Eslava or even the new trending and cosmopolitan places like Cañabota.




Vibrant activities to do in Sevilla



During the last few years, Seville has become one of the most Bike-Friendly Cities on the planet. Additionally, the city offers a huge number of easy and flat cycleways. Going around the city centre or biking along the river is such a nice experience. Moreover, talking about the river, it offers the opportunity to do cruises along and many aquatic activities options to enjoy the amazing weather there.




Name a breath-taking view in the city


A must for me is to stand at the Triana Bridge and contemplate the sight from there looking at the Maestranza, Torre del Oro, The Cathedral, among others.


For a night & relax view while enjoying the incredible and unique weather in Seville, my recommendation is to go for a drink to any of the trending rooftop terraces located in these centrical hotels: Inglaterra or Eme.


Piscina Hotel Sevilla




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