Corporate Event in Madrid: Winter Wonderland


More than 500 guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening in the outskirts of Madrid



Project Type:

An award ceremony and cocktail dinner.



500 guests from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, including the company internals and high-value clients



La Quinta de Jarama, Madrid. An avant-garde venue with beautiful gardens.






First, find a unique, but traditional venue in Madrid, which offers a capacity of 500 guests and can be divided into different areas. The challenge was to convert a standard dining area, provided with basic technology, into a themed space conceptualizing ‘winter wonderland’. A space with new technologies, fun areas, and the objective to create surprising effects throughout the night.




Ovation Spain DMC divided the dinner venue into two separate spaces, where attendees were able to discover each area separately. During the first hour, the space showed a combination of seated and standing dinner, a more standard set-up within La Quinta de Jarama, including background music and a live jazz show. An Ice sculpturist started carving a big company logo in the dining area, whilst the guests were observing.


Then, once dessert was served, the Jazz band together with dancers, performed a final act. The dancers ended up in front of a huge closed curtain, which divided the dining area from the second area. When the curtain rose, the attendees discovered a space that looked like an Ice Cave. State-of-the-art technology, a 100% ice bar, X-Box Skiing games, cocktail shaking with barkeepers, and a DJ on the turntables, created the perfect “Winter Wonderland” ambiance for the rest of the night.


Corporate Client in Madrid




Sourcing high-quality ice sculpture designers, in collaboration with our in-house creative team, made it possible to realize the ‘winter wonderland’ concept within a ‘traditional’ space like La Quinta de Jarama.




More than 500 guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening in the outskirts of Madrid, whereby the themed ambiance converted the space into something truly ‘wonderful’.




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