The mOment: The most haunted venues in Ireland

Ireland is full of many beautiful castles, manor houses, and mysterious venues. Many come with an interesting history and stories to tell. What better place to host your October-based event than in a haunted venue reaped in history and a high possibility of encountering a ghostly figure?


We’ve come up with a list of the most haunted venues in Ireland that will add a spooky twist to your experience in Ireland.




Malahide Castle, Dublin 


Malahide Castle is one of the most haunted venues in Ireland. Over hundreds of years, residents, workers, and visitors  reported eerie happenings. Additionally, the castle has a very long and dark history. During the Battle of Boyne, fourteen family members sat down for breakfast together and by dinner, they were all dead. Malahide Castle has a beautiful dining room to accommodate up to 40 guests for a medieval banquet. Dine if you dare!


Malahide Castle Dublin Haunted Venues



Leap Castle 


The world’s most haunted Castle. This place is located in County Offaly in the hidden heartlands of Ireland. Leap Castle has a turbulent and bloody history, used as a fortress, home, and tomb. Furthermore, Leap Castle is home to many fascinating and sometimes horrific spirits. The castle is only open to visitors on request.


Leap Castle Haunted venues



Ballygally Castle

Ballygally Castle is very proud of their own permanent resident and has even dedicated a bedroom to her, “The Ghost Room” in one of the turrets in the oldest part of the castle. Visitors cannot stay within Isabella’s room, however, if you’d like to sleep in a room close by, request a Tower Room.


Ballygally Castle haunted venues



Crumlin Rd Gaol


Lastly, something a little different but worth a mention as it is somewhere I have personally experienced. Crumlin Rd Gaol is an interesting venue with a history filled with sadness and grief. The jail’s past of housing criminals has given it personality and a fair share of ghostly encounters.


However creepy it may be, it offers quite a different backdrop for an evening event.


Crumlin RD Gaol haunted venues



At Ovation Ireland DMC, we love the challenge of finding the next new experience. With every programme we develop, we endeavour to create something truly bespoke. Our goal is to create a lasting memory.



* Amanda Robinson has written this article, our Ireland Experience Designer.


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