The Digital Nomad: When there is wifi, there is a way

What if we told you anything you dream about is now possible?


Well, it is. Trust us.


Last year, when we were trapped inside our houses and the borders were tighter than ever, our only escape was content. Thanks to technology and our -multiple- screens, we discovered that although we couldn´t move very far, we could keep on discovering, learning, and having fun. Alone or together. In the city or on an island. Ultimately, where there was wifi, there were no limits. And after the first shock, we realized life was not better, but it was definitely not worse. It was just different.


True to the restless nature of every creator, we could not settle. Now that we knew we could, we wanted to go even further, deeper; we wanted to stretch the borders until they were erased. We went crazy and re-invented content as we knew it. That was how The Digital Nomad was created. A bunch of people who wanted to do differently. A curious team who was decided to keep on surprising their audiences, making their reality more interesting than before.



So, in a few words, that is what our project is about: original content created only for you. So you can keep on discovering wherever you are, whenever you want. Because the world has everything to offer…you just have to know the right local people. And we certainly do. With our offices spread over more than 30 countries, all we had to do was talk with each other; discover what every culture had to offer, and combine it with the latest technology.


The result? Unheard content for any moment and anyone.


Is your audience bored of webinars? How about an underwater experience to discover the biggest coral reef in the world? Or maybe you need something, Wow to keep them interested through the 4-hour budget review meeting? A DJ set in the Indian sand dunes might just do the trick.


With The Digital Nomad, anything is possible because The Digital Nomad doesn’t know of any frontiers. With The Digital Nomad, no content will be like the one before because The Digital Nomad is all about weird combinations. With  The Digital Nomad, you will always discover new things because The Digital Nomad is local talent, crazy creators, and tech wizards.


The Digital Nomad is your content creator in the virtual world.


Yes, we might sound a bit crazy, we know. But what kind of world would we live in without crazy?


We certainly don´t want to find out.

Contact us and we will make it happen! 


Meet the Team 



Diana Wolf | Project Director Strategic Planning  


With over a decade of experience, Diana is the go-to person for your ad hoc solutions. She offers the Dutch pragmatic approach from home with the local Spanish passion and boldness, ensuring no stone is left unturned to design a truly unforgettable experience.






Sofia Cuervo |  Creative & Content Developer


With the millennial generation backing her up, Sofi is the mind behind all the out-of-the-box solutions we deliver. She always keeps a notepad on her bedside table because the best ideas always come at night. And as she says, the crazier the dream, the better.



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