The Digital Nomad: A new way of understanding the creation of experiences in a virtual global spectrum.

Ovation Global DMC has always created local experiences for our customers. Experiences that bring culture, history, stories, and many other local elements to life during our events. In the virtual world there is an incredible need for experiences, authenticity, and content.  Experiences that relate to local cultures, national treasures we know or never heard of before.


But what happens when local culture meets technology?





The Digital Nomad responds to this need and puts local destination experiences into a new perspective. A content driven experience from afar. Ovation encourages content and experiences from our 100+ destinations for the virtual world. Content that it is difficult to obtain when you are not physically there, whilst delivered in a way that customers can use for any virtual event.


Are you looking for amazing experiences in the current DIGITAL Events world, think THE DIGITAL NOMAD.



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