Tech & Sustainability: The Perfect Marriage

The truth is our modern world thrives on technological advances that impress, inspire and at times even cause controversy. Not surprisingly, there is a growing trend of tech that feeds an outlook of a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable world. Hence why, it is important to highlight how these two elements are constantly feeding one another, and how that applies to the events industry.


When talking about events, some keywords flash in the mind of any organizer: interaction, engagement, participation and marketing to name a few. Most importantly, when thinking about how to most efficiently achieve them, a lightbulb goes off: digitization! Digitization is a true gold mine full of opportunities and unlocked potential that can make event experience unique and truly engaging for attendees, hosts and all those involved.


We’re going to highlight some of these tools and how their operational efficiency directly translates to more sustainable solutions:



Projection mapping


When thinking about versatility in an event, projection mapping tops the list of versatile tools. Capable of completely transforming an event space, a definite show-stopper while once more, reducing single use branding resources. Mapping allows you to project different visuals in an event space, making the WOW factor a lot bigger for the attendees. A perfect solution for a gala dinner or product launch.



mapping buildingMapping



 Virtual Reality



Transform your attendees into participants. Immerse them into an experiential reality where they can touch and feel the experience, rather than just attend. Or, help your sponsors or exhibitors showcase new products to your attendees without having to pay to ship and set them on the tradeshow floor. Virtual reality and augmented reality is booming and opening up a future of no build and no waste event experiences.








Hologram technology pushes boundaries and expectations and provides that extra wow factor to captivate your audiences. With 3D holographic projection techniques, keynote speakers can appear lifelike in several destinations at once, in live or pre-recorded speeches. Holographic projection is a tool to save on CO2 emissions without compromising on the WOW factor.



Event apps


It is about time that apps become a regular process in events as they are a regular part of our daily life now. Being much easier and straightforward in use, they can make the registration process a whole lot simpler. An app can let you collect and analyse data on your attendees more accurately, quickly and easily. This valuable data provide key insights on points for improvement and innovation. Apps stimulate engagement, enhance networking and save on the footprint of paper and other material usages.





Digital signage


Signage is often the first thing that catches the attendees’ eyes. However, not only does digital signage save the organizers from the hassle and costs of printing the signage on time (often having to reprint due to mistakes), it is also much more engaging, can be very interactive and a lot more versatile and fun in use. Avoiding material wastage, exposure to toxic of chemicals (depending on the material used in signage) and transportation, all things that add up to a heavy carbon footprint tab.





Cloud interpretation


In large events with lots of international delegates, making sure there are enough interpreters on-site can be a burden, from travel and accommodation costs to installation booths and materials costs. As such, cloud interpretation service providers come to save the day, making simultaneous translation only need a good internet connection. Saving the organizers from the extra costs and the hassle. Once more, a sustainable technological tool that is cost-efficient and reduces CO2 emissions!


Having highlighted some of the different purposes digitization could be used for, we are surely seeing how transitioning to tech-savvy measures pave the way to more cost-efficient and sustainable events. Ultimately, aiming to align an event to the brand and its social responsibility and sustainability values, tech and digitization is a concrete way for brands to show how they “walk their talk” while letting delegates follow suit in a path that is in harmony with their own personal principles.

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