Prague: Rediscover The Beauties of Central Europe

When you hear “Prague” instant images come to one’s mind: Charles Bridge, cobblestone streets, spires, magnificent palaces, Art Nouveau, beer…



Prague is a city of many faces and even for repeating visitors it always unveils a new facet. In any case, it keeps this very special, some say magical, atmosphere: mysterious lanes, hidden alleys and squares, monumental castle, intellectual past.


Of course, you cannot ignore the main sights, but there is so much more to discover and see! Here is a selection of places that you would most probably not find or experience on your own:



The National Library of Technology


The National Library of Technology (NTK) is the largest and the oldest library of science and technology literature in the Czech Republic, with a collection of over 1.5 million volumes. Its primary function is to provide specialized information resources and services to students, teachers, and researchers in the fields of engineering and applied sciences, as well as to educate members of the general public interested in technical information. But the library also serves as a social and cultural centre, with frequent lectures, educational tours, events, and exhibitions.


If you want to feel high vibrations of future technology specialists’ thoughts, this is definitely the place for your next conference or presentation!





The Dominican Baroque Refectory


At a corner of a lane in the Middle of the Old Town (only accessible by walk), the Dominican Baroque Refectory is part of the Dominican Monastery from the 17th.


The historical beauty of the monastery complex attracts filmmakers. Scenes from the film Amadeus, directed by Milos Forman, were filmed here.




Rock Opera Prague

Looking for an unconventional conference space? The Rock Opera Hall might be the right place.

Located by the river bank and just a few minutes away from the Old Town, this theatre-style venue has been totally refurbished in an industrial building from the beginning of the 20th century. Initially designed to accommodate rock-metal performances, it is now also the house of musicals, stand-up performances and TV productions. It is also suitable for presentations and private shows.





Royal Theatre and Club Chic

The ROYAL is a theatre founded in 1929. It has a long history in Prague entertainment’s landscape. After long years of desertion, it has recovered its splendour, and serves today as an exclusive club, theatre, cinema and bar hosting premieres, parties, private events and show cases.
The atmosphere of the 30’s has been preserved and is very much appreciated especially in case of themed parties.




Besides its long history and traditional style, Prague has learnt to adapt to each period and now offers such a mix of influences and styles that it is hard not to find the appropriate location, look and feel.


Tell us about your dreams and we will make them true in Prague!




Don’t miss the opportunity to ask Sylvie about Prague and all the Czech Republic. With her expertise, she will find the right solutions for your next MICE.


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