Romania: Shaped by history

100 Years since the “Great Union” of Romania



In 2018 we marked the centenary of Romania as we know it today. Since 1st December 1918 there were good times and there were bad times, there was a monarchy and there was communism, there was The Great War and then was The Second World War.


All in all, facts like these shaped the map and people of Romania in 2018.


Although still regarded by many as an off-the-beaten-path destination, Romania is a country full of surprises, folklore, and exciting places that leave long-lasting impressions on visitors’ minds. Check out these interesting and original, out of the box ideas for your special event:


Peles Castle


One of the most sought-after events venues in Romania is Peles Castle, the summer residence of the royal family. It is now a national museum open for the public. The castle leaves a wow impression due to the different style of rooms, to name a few:


The Imperial Suit is Austrian Baroque, the 60 seats Theatre room is French Baroque and the Florentine room is Italian Renaissance.


It is an excellent location for an extravagant event.




Corvin Castle


It is the largest castle in Romania with a long wooden footbridge that can be the venue of an exclusive private event at affordable prices. The knight’s hall is a great location for a local wine tasting.





Arsenal Park


Arsenal Park is Romania only exclusive army retreat located on the site of an old ammunition factory. The park is designed as an open-air museum with military machines scattered around the large premises.


The themed rooms: Officer, Colonel, Major and General can accommodate up to 230 guests. Some of the Incentive activities include: military training, adventure park, PowerFan free-fall jumps, the longest zip line in Romania 0.6km, paintball & airsoft, army style treasure hunt and tracked army vehicle rides.


The place is ideal for themed events, team building activities and company meetings.




Ice Hotel


A unique hotel at over 2000m is the Ice Hotel, which is built only from snow and blocks of natural ice every year during winter season. There is even an Ice Church nearby. This is a perfect place for VIP incentive experience, ideal for small groups, exclusive.





The National Expositional Centre

Romexpo is Bucharest’s largest venue with the main pavilion of over 10.000m2 and a 42m high ceiling and other 15 expo rooms. It is conveniently located between the airport and the city centre. It is ideal for large exhibitions and fairs such as automotives, medicine and pharmacy, tehnology etc.




Turda Salt Mine


The Transylvanian attraction has a plethora of “underworld” incentive activities: a Ferris wheel, a bowling track, a sports ground for football, badminton or basket and a 180 headed seats theatre for conferences.








Auto Collection


The former Top 10 tennis player Ion Tiriac opened his 250+ private car collection to the public in a venue next to the Bucharest International Airport and it can be rented for private events.









From renaissance royal palaces to gothic fortresses, from auto collections to underground riverboat rides and from mountain top ice hotels to capital city concert halls Romania has it all.

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