New partnerships! Ovation Global DMC is now in Cuba, Qatar and Bahrain

Ovation Global DMC continues to live up to the expectations of its international client base by making the most out of every destination. The world’s leading destination management company and incoming event organizer, has entered into a strategic partnership in 3 new destinations this year: Bahrain, Cuba & Qatar.


Ovation Strategic Partners



Known as the Pearl of the Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain presents a beautiful image of culture juxtaposed against contemporary which is evident from the traditional sites that stand tall next to the modern structures in Bahrain.




  • For Cuba, our partner of choice is Enjoy Cuba Nobody knows Cuba better than Cubans.

Considered among the most hospitable and educated in the world, we are proud to have carefully selected the most genuine Cuban professionals, with years of experience. Local knowledge, passion and professionalism combined will guarantee the best experiences.





Qatar is your destination if you are looking for a blend of modern Arabian City preserving Culture, Traditions and excitement of unique Desert Adventures along the Inland Sea. Winters are pleasant and sunny ideal for beach experiences and activities in the desert. An opportunity to familiarize with this modern Arabian country ahead of hosting the FIFA World Cup.




As the business grows, key actors need to keep evolving in order to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. Ovation has been taking steps towards that direction by entering into new partnerships, aiming at further strengthening its positioning within the European, Asian, American and African markets.


Commenting on the recent developments, Hugo Slimbrouck, Director of Strategic Partnerships of Ovation stated: “I’m very happy about these 3 destinations joining our great partnership program. Working with strategic partners in more than 50 countries around the globe brings great value to our corporate and third-party clients. Ovation will announce more partnerships of strategic interest in the Latin American region soon.”


This expansion comes as a result of the Ovation Strategic Partner Program, launched in July 2009. The program was introduced to provide DMC services to companies, associations and agencies at locations where Ovation did not have a wholly owned office. Ovation Strategic Partners are, typically, the leading local DMC and are selected based on strict criteria.


Drawing on the experience of a true expert local management team, these new partnerships aim at enhancing the high touch incentive and corporate meeting program capabilities for both national and international clients.






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