IBTM World Barcelona 2018: An opportunity to Grow and Innovate

IBTM World Barcelona kicked off its 2018 meetings industry event at the Fira Barcelona Gran Vía convention center in Spain, with a record 77,500 appointments scheduled between exhibitors and hosted buyers only during his first day.


IBTM world Barcelona

IBTM World Barcelona 2018


Three inspirational days of business that motivate the MICE industry to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers, bringing together more than 3.000 exhibitors from more than 150 countries including our Strategic Partners.


In this year, the demand from Asia Pacific region is particularly strong, representing a 23% increase in booth space compared with last year’s event.


The O Team from Switzerland in IBTM World 2018



Our Ovation DMC representatives exposed some 2018 facts during the IBTM World:


  • Barcelona and Madrid have played a fundamental role in the consolidation of Spain as the leading destination country in Southern Europe for the organization of corporate events, meanwhile cities like Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao and Palma de Mallorca gave a big step as a great alternative for its infrastructure, hospitality industry and historical, gastronomic and cultural heritage.



  • There is an especial grow for the South America region.  The main international exponents in this area are Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.


  • In Europe stand out the cities of London, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Prague and Lisboa.


  • In the USA, we saw as the favorites cities Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas and Atlanta


  • The cities of Singapour, Hong Kong, Seul, Bangkok and Tokio attract the most of the attention in the Asia Pacific region.






On its 31st edition, the event focused on global technological innovation and its impact on the events industry. Augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D Printers and mobile applications are playing an increasingly important role in the success of attending an event and the return on the investment made.



Rutger Hoorn, Vice President of Sales of Ovation Global DMC adds,


With the continuous changes and advances in our industry, from a technological point, we must bear in mind that when we offer experiences to a current generation as the Millennials, it will mean that we must be attentive to all these factors. Spain plays an important role; with an adequate team that is growing both in Madrid and Barcelona, we are convinced that we will continue to offer the best solutions, in the same way we do in the rest of the world.


IBTM Tech 2



In addition to other factors that can influence the level of accomplishment, the election of the correct venue and the importance of collaboration between the organizations which take part in are fundamental.



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