How to use storytelling to create unique MICE experiences

Effective MICE experiences are today about innovation, authenticity and creativity. 


You have to dream it first and then design it. But how?

Our director of Strategic partnerships, Hugo Slimbrouck, has shared with us some useful tips on how to effectively use storytelling in incentive trips and motivational experiences.


The power of Storytelling

Sometimes the easiest way to explain something is through anecdotes. People may not be familiar with your product or service but they’re likely familiar with a common scenario that everyone has experienced one time or another.  It makes things easier to understand, to remember and to retell. The better your story sounds, the easier your audience will be able to remember your offer. Stories may even have the ability to make people think they came up with an idea themselves. Storytelling is the ideal format to plant ideas into other peoples minds.


Stories create bonds between the storyteller and the audience

Good stories put down roots and stay in your memory. Memory retains information better when it was told in the form of a story and accompanied by images. If on top these words and images can elicit emotion, their mnemonic value is guaranteed.

Stories ignite imagination

Storytelling is the ability to imagine something that is not. It is the best way to package information in a way that makes it easier for the target group to understand. They are an important didactic tool used to convey content and information. With stories you can put yourself in the shoes of the audience and understand what they are experiencing. When audiences can picture themselves in your story, they start to picture your solution as the right one for their organization.


Emotion is key to decision making

Immerse your audience in the story. Whilst a rational plan can be a shorter route between two points, storytelling is the most interesting route between a and b.


Do you want to know more about how to apply these methods and ideas to your MICE experiences?


Meet Hugo Slimbrouck at FIEXPO Latinoamérica, the international show of the market meetings and incentives from 4 to 6 of June in Santiago, Chile.


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