Going Virtual, So What?



To pivot. Pivoting. One of the most frequently used words in our industry at this moment. What is pivoting, when do you tend to pivot, and how do you pivot effectively?


There is more to pivoting than most think, but there are certain aspects that are generally known to be true: 1. Know when to pivot – in the events industry and in many other sectors, we genuinely understand that a global pandemic counts in understanding that new realities, needs and rules are mandated 2. Pivot fast – reacting to new trends, new sets of rules, radical changes in business environments demand a quick reaction. ‘Innovate or die’ are words often used in this case. But keep in mind that the change must be done with considerable planning and thoughtful execution. 3. Pivot successfully – make sure to pick a clear goal and align your vision, open your ears to make sure to listen to your customers.


Ovation has embarked on a pivotal journey that requires several important changes. Even though the marketplace is confident that physical events will return, though few can tell us when, and the guessing really starts when the how is presented. What is Ovation doing? What changes are in place and being integrated?



Tipping the Scale


From the moment the world stopped traveling Ovation has been providing ongoing support for physical events going virtual. As a company Ovation Global DMC has always supported hybrid models, where local attendees joined live event and others connected via live stream and hybrid break out rooms. The model hasn’t changed, but the scale was tipped, radically. Ovation now runs, together with our portfolio brands and partners, regular large virtual- conferences, exhibitions, meetings and product launches. Project managers are upskilled and reskilled. Certifications as Digital Experience Strategists and Digital Platform Experts are in place and ongoing. Connect with us to know more about what Ovation does.


Virtual Experiences


With specifically incentives in heavy weather, unable to recreate the real life in-person destination experiences, Ovation offices will be rolling out a series of true local virtual programs that can be added to your current reward strategy. Nobody can claim a virtual experience replaces a 4-night recognition program in an ancient city, but we can certainly make it exciting! Traditions, up close and personal, fun, authentic, fearless and off the beaten path. Ovation will join you on your journey to create a genuine memorable event, from the comfort of your home.


360 camera


Live Site Visits


Paulo Coulho wrote: “We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity.” Never has the urge to travel been so strong as now. Any chance we planners and industry partners get, we will travel. But in the meantime, how do you make sure your next event destination is what you are looking for? Conducting site visits is one of the first steps to understand, feel, smell, and experience the location and the team. The recommendation would always be an in-person visit to understand the event spaces, the detail versus the big picture, the smell of local cuisine and the warmth of the people.


Knowing that that travel is restricted, Ovation is not only going to continue and expand its capacities and capabilities to roll out virtual Live site visits but is also offering Live 360 degrees experiential site visits. Most of our offices are already familiar with providing a great 360 experience, they can customize, plan and surprise you now and in the future. Ovation’s aim is to continuously support virtual live site visits, also post pandemic. Find out more by requesting your first virtual site visit!


Rain Forest Alliance


Over the last weeks and months, one thing became abundantly clear; mother nature is loving the break she is getting. Jellyfish in the canals of Venice, clear smog free skies above major metropolitan areas, and numerous other signs of truly positive environmental improvements. As a company Ovation pledges to donate part of the cost for virtual site visits to the Rainforest Alliance. From fighting deforestation and climate change to building economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people, the Rainforest Alliance is working to solve urgent environmental and social challenges. Seeing the world has always been engraved in our lives. It is human nature to travel, but can we convince planners to stay put when we can travel again? Is it really necessary to travel the world to see the event space and hotel? Can we do it virtually instead? Decreasing one’s carbon footprint makes a difference, always.




Let’s make it happen! Join us!



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