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Activities indoor is so 2019, and being outdoor is so 2021. Serbia is the best place to discover the outdoor!


Covered with dense forests and emerald-green meadows, interspersed with rapid rivers and clear lakes, Serbia’s mountains are ideal holiday destinations year-round. In the winter, their numerous ski slopes fitted with modern lifts provide ample opportunities for recreation. During the summer months, you can choose between well-trodden and maintained hiking and cycling trails, numerous sport fields, horseback riding and paragliding.



Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to explore the natural beauty and tourist amenities of any country whilst getting to know its people and learning about their unique customs and culture. Serbia’s lush forests, verdant pastures and towering mountain peaks pose a genuine challenge even to the most experienced of mountaineers. As you hike across Serbia, you will be able to enjoy breath-taking natural beauty and stunning vistas whilst also learning first-hand about some of its hidden treasures and their immense cultural and historic significance.


Whether you’re a hardcore cycling aficionado or only cycle recreationally from time to time, Serbia’s diverse terrain provides the perfect backdrop for your passion. From undemanding rides on the cities cycle lanes to the international cycling race “Tour de Serbie”, Serbia offers plenty of ways for you to enjoy the sport.


If blazing down fast-flowing alpine rivers on inflatable rafts is your idea of a good adventure, you will enjoy rafting on the rapids of Serbia’s rivers. Here, rafting enthusiasts get to experience the thrill of navigating down winding and roaring rivers.



Kayaking is an increasingly popular sport. If you’re a fan, be sure to include the Zemun Quay in your itinerary when visiting Belgrade. At the first sign of warmer weather, swans take to the water on some of the many rivers and lakes across Serbia. As well as the Danube, you can also test your kayaking skills on the rivers Drina and Uvac, or on Vlasina Lake or Bovan Lake – this is also an excellent way to discover the Serbia’s unspoiled nature.


As for the accommodation, we recommend hotels on Zlatibor, Kopaonik and Fruska Gora mountains, as well as Vrnjacka Banja Spa center. They are located outside of big cities and surrounded by forest, offering very  good service, great accommodation and conference rooms with modern equipment.


Serbia has so much to offer! Learn more here!


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