Discover the Best 6 Parks in Madrid

Looking for a green area where you can hold future projects without leaving the city? Here you have a list of the best parks in Madrid where you can forget about the world for a while and unleash your creativity.


Tropical Garden Atocha Station 




Waiting will never be a problem in this place. Mixing trains and nature, this station counts with 7.000 plants from 400 different species which have developed their own microclimate under a metal structure.



Royal Botanical Garden



Created by Juan de Villanueva and the botanist Gomez Ortega for Charles III in 1781, this opulent garden has more than 30.000 plants from all around the world. Surrounded by beauty, it makes you forget reality.




Europa Park 



Would you like a free tour of Europe without leaving Madrid? If the answer is yes, then this is the place you have to visit. It offers a quick route of 17 European monuments, transforming it into a fun and out-of-the-ordinary journey where you can take a closer look at the most famous wonders in Europe.



Gardens of Sabatini


Park in Madrid  


This neoclassical-style garden it’s located in front of the Royal Palace and is one of the most fascinating places in the old centre. It is also one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid. Its plants and vegetation are carefully cutted in geometric forms, highlighting its beauty and statues.



Madrid Rio 



Walking here it’s such a pleasure. Counting with swings, zip lines, and slides coupled with ten kilometres of the green zone, it unites the two art-nouveau-style bridges called Matadero and Invernadero.



Casa de Campo


Casa de Campo Park in Madrid


It’s considered the largest green space in the country due to its 1.722 acres. Furthermore, it was declared a Royal Forest and crown land until the days of the Second Republic. Now that it’s a public space, it offers its visitants a huge variety of activities! You can hire a kayak and sail in its lake, take the cable car, enter the amusement park, visit the Zoo aquarium, or go running and cycling on its numerous paths.  




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