Czech it out! Gorgeous Czech Republic

The way we look at events and how to plan for the future has changed over the years. Providing planners with new ideas, focused destination offerings and remote creative programmes are key to organize fantastic events.


Our team in the Czech Republic showcases what this could look like, showing beauty, remoteness, stunning sceneries and fantastic access to unexplored and scenic locations.

From the South of Bohemia, to Moravia, on to Bohemian Paradise, what is there not to like!


Czech Republic









The South of Bohemia is 2h50m hours exactly in between Prague and Vienna, boosts a UNESCO Castle Complex Český Krumlov and TELČ town SPA & Cycling through the legendary lake land Třeboň. Partake in Painting & ceramic visits in Maříž / Slavonice. And enjoy the outdoor ŠUMAVA and its Lipno lake.










What about Moravia? Just 40 minutes south of Brno we recommend wine trailing close to the wine Town Mikulov, while getting lost in the landscape of Moravian Punka caves and Macocha Abyss. Hiking & Spa Treatment in the Jeseniky Mountains & Karlova Studánka, while enjoying UNESCO romantic landscape and architecture of Valticko– Lednicky Complex.




2 hours northeast of Prague, magical stone towns (sandstone pinnacles) in Adrspach, Prachov. Impressive and well-preserved Castles in Trosky, Kost, and Svihov. Picturesque rocks at Drabske Svetnicky, Kameny Senov, and what about the unique amazing nature in the National Park of Saxon Bohemian Switzerland.

The Czech Republic offers such an amazing look on how we can really showcase a destination, by looking at the details of each single region, and how to provide you with access to organize breathtaking programmes.


Czech out! the itineraries to learn more about the country and its regions. And connect with the local team to learn more on how they can execute your event in on of the most gorgeous places in the world!


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