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We sat down with the General Manager of XO Africa, Samuel Regnier, and we spoke about the company’s green consciousness and sustainable activities for incentive groups and events.


Does XO prioritise green consciousness?


Yes, absolutely. It is one of our core values that we live up to every day. Our number one priority is to do our jobs with a CSR approach, which we promote to our clients through inserting sustainable activities to our group excursions and hosting eco-friendly events. But even more, we are internally launching an eco-responsibility workgroup for the purpose of transforming our agency, the way we work and think, integrating our clients and local partners towards the eco sustainability of our industry.



green consciousness

Repurposed containers transformed into a two-storey exhibition at YPO Edge.



Can you give me an example of a sustainable event organised by XO?


This year, from the 6th to the 7th of March, Cape Town hosted YPO Edge, a hub for business innovators from across the globe to meet with world-renowned thought leaders from across the world to address key issues. With 2,500 delegates, it was an exceptional educational opportunity for attendees and provided a platform for the global leaders of today to shape the world of tomorrow. This was all done in partnership with our strategic partner Ovation, where we got the opportunity to create and manage the YPO Marketplace, creating a space for global business leaders to network, have coffee and lunch.



Repurposed container transformed into a bar

Repurposed container transformed into a bar at YPO Edge.



Did you use any recycled or recyclable materials when constructing the exhibitions for YPO Edge?


YPO Edge and particularly the Marketplace was an event with a green consciousness in mind. It was a 95% eco-friendly event where almost all items — construction and material — were recycled and recyclable. We went above and beyond to produce an eco-friendly event by offering a second life to four major containers now reinstalled in a township near Cape Town called Ikhaya Le Langa.




Is there a cause that XO supports in terms of Africa’s wildlife?


Rhino populations worldwide are under severe pressure from poaching due to the demand for their horn, believed to have healing properties. XO is passionate about protecting the Rhinos, so we have a few ways that we support the conservation of these animals. Firstly, we are supporters of Rhino Force. We welcome our groups by handing them bracelets from Rhino Force, with each bracelet saving one Rhino.



Rhino Africa

Photo by Mankwe Gametrackers and Tarryn Rae



Are there any activities that XO offers to raise awareness of the Rhino’s dwindling population?


When it comes to designing team building activities for our groups, we have dedicated some activities to Rhino conservation. One of our groups took part in the painting of a sculpture of a Rhino with the help of a local artist. Everyone had a great time contributing their creativity towards a good cause. The painted Rhino was then put up on auction during their closing dinner and the proceeds went to an anti-poaching unit in Pilanesberg National Park.


Rhino sculpture painted eam building exercise.

Rhino sculpture painted by a group during a team-building exercise.


Another way we strive to protect the Rhino population is by offering our clients the opportunity to take part in Rhino notching in Pilanesberg National Park.


What does rhino notching entail?


Rhino notching involves the gathering of vital biological data from ground monitoring, such as movements, home range, birth rate, inter-calving periods, associations and aggression, to name a few. Every Rhino is marked on the ear and given an individual number and is then observed by monitoring officers who add the DNA extracted to a biological database of genetic material, which is an important tool in combating poaching.



Group taking part in Rhino notching with rangers.

Group taking part in Rhino notching with rangers. Photo by Mankwe Gametrackers and Tarryn Rae.


The destinations we have on offer with our partners carry too much natural beauty and vibrant wildlife for us to ignore such causes, and our clients are given the opportunities to lend a hand in bettering the world we live in, making for a well-rounded and memorable trip.




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