wOw 25 years: Ovation Global DMC is celebrating its Silver Jubilee

2018 has become the most important milestone for Ovation Global DMC, as we are celebrating 25 years of existence, servicing associations, corporations and agencies in 100+ destinations throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.




With our extensive local expertise, creativity and resources, we have become a very proactive global agency, providing clear added value to our clients and partners. The pleasure our teams take out of operating programs around the globe goes beyond our duty of work and fulfilling tasks. Working with our clients is personal, and this relationship goes so much further than the job at hand.


Ovation Global DMC has come so far.


Some of our highlights are:


1993: Ovation DMC is founded

1998: The Ovation DMC portfolio expands through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions across Europe

2007: Creation of Ovation Global DMC

2009: Launch of the Strategic Partner Program

2012: 1st Ovation Global DMC Meeting Trophy in Switzerland

2015: 20 wholly owned Ovation offices and 50 partner destinations worldwide

2017: New positioning of Ovation’s brand and image

2018: 1st Ovation Global wOw Awards

2018: Ovation Global DMC increases presence into the USA with new strategic partnerships – 26 wholly owned offices and + 50 partners destinations worldwide

With the “brand refresh” and the entirely new Ovation Global DMC website in 2017, we have evolved as a cutting-edge millennial company that is often referred to as the meeting planner’s guardian angel, ensuring the highest standards of delivery and critical in planning for success. 


People and relationships are in the DNA of our company. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our clients, partners and suppliers around the world! Thank you for making Ovation Global DMC a truly worldwide company moving vision into reality. In a nutshell… We make it happen!




This celebration will continue until IMEX Frankfurt, so meanwhile, don’t miss the opportunity to engage with us through our Social Network and that from our local offices!  


 Ovation 25 years







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