The mOment: Lisbon, a Delightful Surprise


Lisbon, Portugal, a Delightful Surprise!




Overlooking the river Tejo and with an easygoing way of life, Lisboa is historically rich, cosmopolitan, “fresh”, bohemian, unique and drop-dead gorgeous. A city with everything that you may desire just there, waiting to be discovered. From Roman and Moorish ruins to white-domed cathedrals and beautiful squares lined with sun-drenched cafes. Everything is a delightful surprise that will give you unforgettable memories to take back home.



Lisbon, Portugal


Morning in Lisbon:


For me, a perfect day in Lisboa would start with a ride in our yellow trams to clatter through narrow streets up and down Lisbon’s seven hills. Let’s make a stop in Alfama, one of our beautiful old quarters. Here get in touch with the friendly locals to gossip over a “Bica” (expresso) or a glass of “Ginginha” (Lisbon’s traditional liqueur) before going up to the castle to enjoy 360º breath-taking views of the city!


Lisbon tram


Lunch in Belem 


With all that walking I’m getting hungry, aren’t you? Afterward, let’s go down the hill towards Belem and try that one delicacy, for which Lisbon is famous for! When in Belem, it is a must to eat the traditional delicious custard tart, the “Pasteis de Belem”! Let me also show you the beautiful quarter of Belem, Lisbon’s most monumental and historical area.  Here you can find all the picturesque monuments related to Portuguese Discoveries.


It was from this area that many of the great Portuguese explorers embarked on their voyages of discovery. Among others, Prince Henry the Navigator on the first overseas expedition to conquer Ceuta in Morocco, Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India and Christopher Columbus stopped in Lisbon on his way back to Europe after discovering the New World.


Lisbon Portugal views


Afternoon Activities  


Then, in the afternoon let’s head to one of my favourite locations in Lisbon. In the nearby Alcantara quarter, you can find the LX Factory, which is a must-see. Nowadays it’s one of the hippest, coolest and trendiest areas of Lisboa. This former 19th-century factory was recovered in 2008, and the  LX Factory project was born from the ruins.


Nowadays it is pumping with hundreds of advertising companies, communications teams, artists, temporary exhibitors who have pushed the creative boundaries and very cool shops. Every space has an industrial look, attracting curious crowds to regular events with exhibitions, music, and other activities throughout the day.



TIP: Every Sunday there’s an open-air market selling everything from second-hand articles to original crafts.



Lisboa also reveals its youthful alter ego in bohemian bars, riverside clubs, late-night street parties and eye-catching boutiques. So what better way to end the day than with a stop at Cais do Sodré & Chiado quarter? Elegant new bars jostle with contemporary restaurants. Even the beautiful 19th-century fish market is set to unveil a new food court, which mixes gourmet fare with traditional petiscos.


Bar Portugal


Come and visit us soon and we will tell you more!



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