The O Interview: Eva López, CEO of PUNTO MICE Group

While attending a networking evening, we had the great pleasure of meeting Eva López, the CEO of PUNTO MICE Group. 

Eva is a successful Spanish professional running this recognized editorial group with offices in Spain, as well as in Latin America. Their mission is to inform Spanish-speaking MICE professionals about trends, products, destinations and news. They also participate very actively in forums and discussions about the MICE industry.”

We had few question for Eva and here you her answers:

Describe yourself in three words.

Dynamic, enthusiastic and devoted to teamwork


What is your professional background?

I have always worked in the tourism industry as a journalist. Nevertheless my academic background in History helped me to develop something that I love to do: analysing


What do you find most challenging about our industry?

The actual generational change that we are experiencing and that translates into the adoption of new ways of acting and thinking: I find very exciting to investigate such behaviour


What is the best thing about working for PUNTO MICE Group?

The direct contact with MICE professionals in Spain and Latin America: every day we have the opportunity to follow different ways of thinking, approaches on different topics, concerns and initiatives


What are the best attributes of Spain?

Spain has a lifestyle that applies to anything we can organise here. This affects the MICE industry very positively because of the combination of joy, warmth and professionalism the country offers


What is your favourite destination in Spain and why?

Asturias. I’m from this region and, after having travelled a lot, I still think that there are not many places in the world matching its combination of mountain, beach, the best food and the best hospitality


Did you have any mentors or people who deeply influenced your career?

Above all I have been and I’m still influenced by people who bring me new ways of thinking and expressing thoughts. I could quote Hannah Arendt among my references


Proudest moment in your career to date?

I can’t pick one since I feel great satisfaction every time we publish a new issue of PUNTO MICE and I continue to check the number of people who not only take time to read its content but to express how highly they rate it. It’s an incredible satisfaction for all of us!


Favourite band(s)?

It really depends on the moment … and the desire to dance!


Favourite Book?
 Professional that you admire and why?

Impossible to choose one!


Favourite brand(s)?
 Favourite destinations?

Concerning brands, it depends on what you want to feel. And about destinations… I can’t choose one destination because it depends on what you want to do: for example, to take pictures, Guatemala is my favourite place. To enjoy conversations and contact with locals, nothing like Cuba. To feel the city and discover many different worlds in one place: Tokyo. To lose sense of time consciously and follow a path without knowing where it ends: Bali. To admire the most beautiful light in the world: South Africa. To feel the sea: Brittany…


Thank you for your time, Eva!! We wish you all the success to you and Punto MICE Group!!

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