The O Insight Guide Portugal: LISBON

*This article is written by Ana Rita Vaz, Project Director of Ovation Portugal DMC.


An Inside Tip for Foodies 


It’s a classic… It’s been there for centuries, but you simply cannot miss it and every time I have friends visiting (Or not, all I need is an excuse) I get myself immersed by the amazing flavours of the original Pasteis de Belem at its original location with that same name (Pasteis de Belem – Rua de Belém Nº 84 a 92). So good! Ok, now I need to go get me some.


Pasteis de Belem



Mention some vibrant activities to live the city 


It’s not one of those moments that people get to when they have a little bit of free time (Because of the number of things do to in Lisbon!) but it’s definitely a must-visit for me. Palácio Nacional da Ajuda (Largo Ajuda 1349-021), is the former official residence of the Portuguese Monarchy and its beautiful architecture together with a location that gives you amazing views over the river, wins the price for me. You can still feel the great balls that took place inside so it’s not to be described but to visit and felt when in Lisbon!





Name a breath-taking view in the city



One of the coolest things to do in Lisbon is enjoying its fabulous nightlife. So, there is one thing that you should definitely do when coming to Lisbon, that is…Get to one of our gorgeous belvederes rooftop bars and watch a breath-taking sunset while having a drink.


There is one, in particular, I find myself gravitating to: Park (Calcada do Combro 58) is an unexpected spot that gives you an almost 360º view over hills, city, monuments and river.






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