Mykonos to Focus on the Development of Sustainable Tourism

As a leading global holiday destination, the small island of Mykonos is looking to take a step towards sustainable tourism in the upcoming months. Mykonos´ Mayor Konstantinos Kuokas wishes to focus on 15 key areas. These key areas, will, in turn, protect the island´s reputation and unique characteristics. The goal of the new project is to attract higher quality and environmentally conscious travellers.


mykonos sustainable tourism


Mykonos Sustainability Project


Mykonos aims to implement a successful sustainable tourism model. The new model will focus on the advantages and strong points of the island and can then be used on other Greek islands in the upcoming years. In order for the plan to succeed, Koukas highlighted the need to secure funding for the following projects:


  • The completion of an island spatial plan
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Integrated waste and water resources management
  • Controls on cruise tourism
  • Addressing traffic


In the upcoming weeks, Koukas along with Tourism Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, will present the full agenda of projects to the island stakeholders for approval.


mykonos sustainable island


 Mykonos is a popular worldwide destination and plays a significant role in maintaining Greece´s international image. The island also contributes heavily to the country´s tourism revenues. Furthermore, it plays a key role in Greece´s recent decision to focus on sustainable tourism. Mayor Koukas, believes that a new holistic sustainability plan will upgrade existing infrastructure, protect the environment, and create a better quality of life for residents and visitors.


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