We Celebrate The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

As this year will be coming to an end soon, it is time to remember that 2017 was declared the year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations. This is in recognition for tourism to truly advance communities and lead change. And this is where Destination Management Companies (DMC) such as Ovation come into play, their efforts making or breaking this mission.

The International Year had the role of promoting tourism’s role in the following five key areas:

(1) Inclusive and sustainable economic growth;

(2) Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction;

(3) Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change;

(4) Cultural values, diversity and heritage; and

(5) Mutual understanding, peace and security.

Together with the venues and hotels, DMCs have witnessed the sustainable tourism movement rising these past years, with travellers demanding more sustainability actions but as well from investors and suppliers who increase their commitments.

We at Ovation feel the importance to join this movement and to lead the sustainable event’s mission through our social responsibility programs that we offer our clients, helping reduce the environmental impact of their events and improving the lives for those in need around the world.

On this occasion, before the end of the year, we’d like to invite you to see this video on sustainable tourism for development.

And remember, sustainability starts with the little individual actions before the big ones, thus, we’d like you to think about what little change you could do that would advance this mission.

To find out more about how Ovation can help you to organize a sustainable event or incentive trip please contact us.

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