Gods and Goddesses take over Turkish coast! 

Blessed with countless ancient cities from pre-historic times (like Gobeklitepe, the world’s oldest temple dating back 12.000 years and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) to powerful Roman & Greek cities, the MEP Family has developed a strong muscle for putting together unique, sustainable, memorable and grand events at these spaces.


turkey coast


MEP Family is proud to create unique once-in-a-lifetime events that remain truly authentic and take the guests on a journey through time. A signature event became the highlight of 2021… Gods and Goddess took over Iasos Ancient City near Bodrum.


Doing events in ancient cities requires meticulous attention to detail. It’s important to abide by all the safety regulations like volume and base restrictions with respect to the stone monuments. While providing financial benefit to excavation and protection teams it’s necessary to ensure that the guests are comfortable and truly enjoy themselves.


turkey coast god event


With the help of the right, and often crazy, solutions partners, MEP starts the planning process by bringing all stakeholders together to create an event that will remain true to the historical facts and design such a storyline. They focus on the journey of creating this event altogether as well as the end result – which at times isn’t perfect – but truly unique in any case.


The private evening began with guests arriving by boats to the ancient harbor of Iasos. The dress code was White & gold amid the turquoise of the Aegean, gray of the ancient statues, and green of the centuries-old olive trees. With a cocktail reception upon entrance, guests were treated to an acoustic concert by a nomadic musician. For this event, the team set up a natural yet elaborate long table for 220 guests in the agora – which once brought the ancient inhabitants together.


turkey coast


The evening’s cuisine was a mixture of Mediterranean Turkish with a modern twist, befitting of the setting. Following dinner, there was a mystical musician performing at the ancient amphitheater where guests were transported to another world. With respect to the venue, guests were transported to an afterparty in a much more versatile and modern setting, that lasted until the first hours of sunrise.


Cheers to sustainable tourism practices! Discover more about Turkey!





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