The mOment: Azores, the Portuguese Best Kept Secret

The Archipelago of Azores is composed of Nine Volcanic Islands




*Maria João Guerreiro, one of our Portugal Experience Designers has written this article.



The Archipelago of Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands are located approximately 1500 km from the European coast and 3900 km from the North American coast. Additionally, the Archipelago extends along the southeast-north-west strip.


The island of São Miguel is made up of 6 municipalities spread over a surface area of  747 km2. Furthermore, São Miguel is the largest island and the main communication hub with mainland Portugal. Ponta Delgada is the largest and most populous city of the archipelago and subsequently the capital of the Azores.


During your stay in the city, it is imperative to observe the many magnificent buildings of tremendous architectural value. The majority of these are presently used to accommodate the various political,  administrative, religious, and cultural offices of São Miguel and the Azores.





Why Visit the Azores?


If you are looking for adventure, impressive landscapes, or a destination for corporate activities Sao Miguel offers all this and much more!  The islands are home to Volcanic mountain peaks, fishing villages, hot springs, and vast, untouched landscapes.  During a 3-day trip, you will have an amazing experience!


Our Suggestion:


Start your day by heading to Lagoa do Fogo. Drive along the traditional roads of São Miguel and admire the great landscapes from the top of the lagoon. Lagoa Do Fogo is an impressive natural reserve. A heavenly place, where you can hear the birds singing, explore the exuberant vegetation, and behold the white sand beach.


Lagoa do fogo, Azores

Lagoa do fogo, Azores



Your next stop is at the Natural Park of Caldeira Velha. This nature preserve is composed of a narrow and deep valley with lush vegetation and hot springs. Here you have the opportunity to bathe in the warm volcanic waters of the Caldeira. At midday don’t forget to join the group for a delicious lunch in a local restaurant on the island.


After lunch, it’s time for one of the most amazing Experiences in the Azores. In the route of the great cetaceans and joyful dolphins, our half-day sea trips are a chance to meet and admire the marine mammals of the Azores in their natural habitat. Using strategically placed portholes technique on the south coast of the island, our boats depart to meet these unique animals, on a trip that is a mixture of fun, adventure, discovery, and scientific knowledge. In a few hours, we provide you with an unforgettable experience!


Hiking experience at Canario Lagoon:

Canario Lagoon is located in the east part of the Twin Lakes ( Sete Cidades).  It is without a doubt one of the most impressive spots on the island. 




BTT Experience:

Exploring the island of São Miguel on a bicycle is, undoubtedly, a unique experience.  You’ll have a chance to discover the paths that surround majestic lakes, mountains, and valleys. Nature, discovery and challenge in one experience.


First Dive experience in the Sea:

This experience will be done along the coast, accompanied by a diving instructor. It will be a remarkable experience that will allow you to venture into the sea and discover the marine habitat.


Diving in Azores


Rock Climbing:

Located in the western part of the island of São Miguel, the area of Ferraria is a unique geological formation. Moreover, it consists of a promontory originated during volcanic eruptions associated with the geological formation of the island. Here you find a natural climbing wall, properly equipped, with several routes of different degrees of difficulty (6b to IV ) and up to 15 meters tall.



Fresh fish, Shellfish, and veal are the main local products. Do not miss the Fish Cataplana or the Steak with Sao Miguel cheese Sauce.


Where to stay Pedras do Mar Resort and Spa. 5* 


The Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa located at São Miguel Island offers a privileged Atlantic Ocean view. You can relax at our SPA Pedras D’ Alma with its beauty and well-being centre, as well as, at our club with an indoor pool with a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath with chromotherapy, and gym.



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