9 Big Reasons to Focus on Australia

Spark your Wanderlust 

You will always find something that will excite and inspire you when you visit Australia. We have unique experiences, iconic landmarks, ancient culture, and natural beauty bursting with colour. Combine these elements with our passion for supporting, saving, and caring for our wildlife and environment. Our goal is to make the area cleaner and greener than it was when you arrived.  A trip down under has even more to offer than ever.


When you visit Australia we can promise you the following:

Visit Australia


Australia:  Is an island, a country, and a continent. Most of all it is a dream destination that inspires imagination.



Unique: Our flora and fauna are only found in our beautiful country from Koalas and Kangaroos to our precious Eucalyptus Trees. Cuddle a Koala or have breakfast with the Roos. Additionally, visit Australia and learn to make your own Eucalyptus product. Meet a Tasmanian Devil, or plant a tree in the oldest rainforest in the world.



 Safe and Sustainable: Australia is known for its safety, natural abundance of space, and eco experiences that help protect the environment. Take a drive down the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. Moreover, hold your event at the carbon-neutral Sydney Opera House. Finally, create your hiking trail in the Red Centre Outback.


Visit Australia


Tasty Cuisine: The fresh produce, homegrown wines and rich flavours of native Australia make our cuisine something of a talking point. Cook up a treat with a Celebrity Chef, recreate the great Aussie BBQ, or forage in the Australian bush for the ingredients used to cook your meals in our top Australian restaurants.



Rainforest, Rock, and Reef: With this combination of Mother Earth’s icons, we can create an itinerary that will truly wow your sight and senses. A smoking ceremony by an Aboriginal elder in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest. Experience the sunrise or sunset over Uluru to photograph. Finally, you will get to swim among the fish and corals of the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

Visit Australia

Great Barrier Reef


Aboriginal Culture: One of the oldest cultures in the world with over 500. They have a close relationship with land and water. Furthermore, include a ‘Welcome to Country’ by an Aboriginal Elder or dot painting with local clan members.  Moreover, experience a Dinner with Aunty Margaret who is a celebrated Aboriginal community member. She will passionately share her Dreamtime stories and experiences.


Locals: Our friendly and laid-back locals will be a big part of your Australian memories and experience.  We do say G’day in Australia.


Island Life: Australia is one big grand Island and we also have 74 islands. Moreover, the islands make up the Whitsundays along the Great Barrier Reef.  From Hamilton Island to Hayman Island or the ultra-luxury Lizard Island, we can help you choose the right location for your meeting, incentive, or event. Furthermore, we can guarantee a 5-star service,  turquoise waters, and sandy beaches.



Lizard Island


All year round: Australia is a bucket list destination. We look forward to welcoming back our friends from near and far to the land down under.


Ovation Australia DMC loves to create a destination experience that mixes what’s new, and what’s hot with what’s eco, local, and traditional. We are often described as wild Australia. However, it’s for all the right reasons and we are waiting with open arms.  Come travel through Australia with us.


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