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The Word by Ovation – June 2015

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In this edition…

We take a closer look at the Rainbow Nation, then swing by Holland for some Dutch colour. And yes, I’ve been partying in Portugal and Philippines already this year but I still have plenty of energy for a few trips to America this summer.  

                                                      Ovation Bear


Ovation Infographic

South Africa: sun, sea, safari and so much more

Whether your group is visiting sun-kissed Cape Town or on safari searching for the ‘Big Five’, they will be blown away by the adventure, sport, nature and wildlife on offer in South Africa. With three capitals and nearly 3,000km of coastline, where does one start exploring this great destination? With Ovation South Africa’s infographic, of course. view it>

Ovation Places

How about Holland?

Holland may be small in size, but that also makes it a very compact country, offering more possibilities per square kilometre than you can find anywhere else in the world! Check out our sample programmes and destination video for a taster of the meeting and incentive experiences your group could have here. go Dutch>

Ovation Bash

Portugal partners party

June 2015 marks six very successful months of operation for Ovation Portugal. This success is due in no small part to the first-rate suppliers they have relationships with. more>

Ovation in America

Summer in the states

It must be a record: Ovation Bear is making nine visits to US cities in July / August for sales calls. Are you around for a date with the rambling bear and his mates? more>

Ovation Blogger

Picture perfect Philippines

Ovation’s two roving reporters, Hugo Slimbrouck and Ovation Bear, visited their Ovation Philippines colleagues recently, here’s what they found. more>

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