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Despite the difficulties that Jordan has been going through and still facing because of our geographical location within the heart of the Middle East, Discovery managed always to grab opportunities and go ahead of everyone else within the market.

We decided to go into passion experiences and this has taken us into specialization, our unique selling point as a DMC is our glamping camp Discovery Bedu the only camp that works on Solar system in Jordan and the middle East area, only 6 tents, each tent has its own bathroom, food experience, Bedouin hospitality and serenity. The only place where you can enjoy the silence of nature. The camp is found within the conservative area of Wadi Rum the desert of Lawrence of Arabia and the latest film production of the Martian comparing the beauty of Wadi Rum to Mars.

With the existence of our camp, we started offering our guests experiences that depends on passions. Those  who desire a deeper and more meaningful experience than simply touring sites…we started calling them to follow their passions and this is what we started investing in. local experiences, themed based journeys aiming to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. We started looking at small groups but personalized experiences, tailor made only for our clients.

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This shift is not new on Discovery, but everyone should know that Jordan lost as a destination 80% of its businesses that comes from our primary markets which is Europe. We couldn’t but come up with ideas, approaching opportunities that we never thought of approaching before and investing in presenting new understanding of what is the incentive business all about to local companies and regional corporates from and within the Arab world. These markets where never been a priority for our companies but nowadays these are the only businesses that exist for us.

Follow your passions in Jordan with Discovery Bespoke

Art and Design experience was one of the most interesting passions for several people who were interested to hear about the movement of art in Jordan and the Arab world, tour galleries with curators, meet Jordanian artists and painters, understand the culture through art…

Culinary and Jordanian wine was another interesting passion for a lot of visitors. They were mesmerized by the idea that Jordan has some vineyards and is producing good local wines. We took them to these vineyards, met with the producers, tried some crudités that goes with our white and red wines… we took them to some areas where the romans used to grow grapes and make wines that was the Shobak castle one of the crusader castles found in Jordan.

History, Religion and culture was another interesting subject for some visitors, local customs, big tribes, celebrating Christmas and other religious celebrations, visiting local families, visiting the Royal Institute for interfaith studies and learn about Christians and Muslims in Jordan….etc

All of the above mentioned have been a learning process for all of us through the tough times we have been going through and still going through. We started approaching our local market, learning and grabbing business from the local corporates, we are handling a lot of pharmaceutical businesses and we are approaching the gulf region because most of the businesses coming into Jordan nowadays are from our neighboring countries and nothing whatsoever from Europe our primary markets. It is a continuous learning process, we don’t mind but our ability to adapt for anything nowadays have exceeded our limits but again we made it because of our resistance, accepting all kinds of challenges and living a reality.

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