Ethic Box

Corporate Code of Ethics

Ovation Global DMC wants to provide a specific communication channel with the Company’s Management and Governing Bodies. This will be used to report any irregular situations, breaches, unethical behaviour or conduct that goes against the laws and regulations applicable to this Group.

All complaints sent through the Ombudsperson Process can be anonymous. The available computer security systems protect the user’s anonymity. If complainants wish to identify themselves, there is also an optional section in the Complaints form, where they can introduce their data and attach any additional information they deem appropriate.

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Actions related to Suppliers:
Non -compliance with market procedures relating to the selection of suppliers.
Abusive, hostile or offensive behaviour.
Misappropriation or diversion of resources:
Fraudulent diversion of goods or property belonging to the company for personal use or with intent to profit.
Accounting Issues:
Commercial and financial transaction entry in a manner contrary to generally accepted accounting practices.
Conflict of Interest:
Prioritizing self-interest over that of the company's through incorrect behaviour in the conduct of their professional duties.
Commitments with third-parties (customers/suppliers):
Breach of agreements with third - parties.
Falsification of documents:
Altering contracts, reports or documents for their own benefit or for the purpose of causing detriment to Ovation Global DMC.
Offences relating to shares or securities:
Brach or violation of laws relating to securities markets.
Information Security:
Unauthorized use of information belonging to the company, it's customers or suppliers.
Discriminatory behaviour for reasons or culture, political ideas, religious beliefs, race, or of any other kind.
Restriction of freedom of expression
trade union membership or collective bargaining.
I have read and accepted the Legal Privacy Policy.
I Authorize the treatment of my data for the attention of the consultations and the transfer to the company of the group when its neccesary, according to the Privacy policy Ethics Box
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