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Why Taiwan?

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When thinking of Taiwan, the words “Made in Taiwan” (MIT) on products may be the first impression that springs to mind. The sweet-potato-shaped island, however, has much more to offer despite its small size.

  • Hailed as “Asia’s best-kept secret” by National Geographic Traveler.
  • Taiwan is home to an astonishing array of natural wonders, great hot springs, highly-regarded cuisine and one of the world’s top museums.
  • Taiwan is also a culture trove preserving the essence of Chinese culture, as exemplified by the National Palace Museum and puppet shows.
  • Looking for modern glamour? Taipei, the capital of the island, is a mecca of Chinese pop culture, boasting an impressive music pedigree and a slew of traditional performing arts reinvented in contemporary forms.
  • Taiwanese cuisine, widely acclaimed by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, is not to be missed combining as it does the culinary arts of Fujian, Hakka, Chinese, Japanese which in itself is a miniature of Taiwan’s various ethnic backgrounds in one harmonious mix.


  • Imagine a country smaller than Switzerland in which you can travel on a train faster than the Eurostar, pass the Tropic of Cancer and travel from a 3,000m high mountain to a tropical resort in just 24 hours.

Now, you have glimpsed the beauty of Taiwan. If you think it’s impossible to attend business meetings, go sightseeing, shop and indulge in a little gourmet trip on the same day, come to Taiwan and let us show you how conveniently any mission impossible can be achieved.


Sample Programmes

Take a look at our sample meeting programmes in Taiwan to find out how you can make the most of your trip to Taiwan

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2 Night Meeting  – Taiwan

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5 Night Incentive – Taiwan

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