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Ovation Switzerland is a leading DMC (Destination Management Company) in Switzerland with offices in Geneva and Zürich. The Ovation Switzerland DMC team comprises of 12 hospitality experts who intimately understand the unique power of meetings, incentives, conferences and events to deliver on corporate objectives.

Offering seamless, world class destination management services, Ovation Switzerland is part of the Ovation Global network. Our Swiss DMC team combine local expertise and knowledge with the strength of the Ovation Global brand and presence to offer superior DMC services to national and international customers.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland 6 Switzerland 5 Switzerland 7

Pamper yourself and enjoy this secure country where high peaks and immaculate lakes live in perfect harmony with modernity and technology.

  • Our cities and resorts are easily reachable from all over the world.
  • We can provide you with inspirational views of luscious palm trees and spectacular glaciers within forty minutes.
  • Enjoy our legendary railway system, discover our natural and high sense of hospitality, experience our wide-ranging possibilities for activities and social programmes, indulge in our gastronomy, learn about our history and traditions while meeting the locals – be part of it !
  • Four languages (five if we consider that most of Swiss people speak English), three cultures, two offices, one country..….warm welcome to Ovation Switzerland!
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CSR in Switzerland

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organisations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations. Within the tourism industry, sustainable development has been at the forefront of many agendas, concluding that sustainability should be adopted as the way forward to preserve the ecosystems and biodiversity of a place as well as trying to improve the quality of life of host populations

As an event organisation that has signed the UN Global agreement, Ovation are committed to creating, and producing memorable events in the most ethical, safe and environmentally friendly way and want to ensure that corporate social responsibility is evident in their operations.

Known for its efficiency and precision, Switzerland is the perfect location in which to hold conferences and events. Not only does it have the correct structures in place, for many years, the country has attached great importance to sustainability and to the protection of the environment. Much of the great appeal of the country is down to its unspoiled nature, and above all, to the richly varied Alpine landscape. As a result, great efforts have been made over the years to protect what is also an important economic asset.

Ahead of its time, Switzerland already has a basic infrastructure that makes organising and running CSR-aware events easy. Conferences and meetings can easily be organised to satisfy both environmentally sensitive and socially responsible participants. To run such events, you need the right setting as well as conscientious partners who are committed to the same ideas and goals.

Ovation Switzerland prioritise relationships with their clients but strongly understands the important link between people and the environment. Our CSR strategy plays a significant role not only in our business but also in our private life. Our dedicated staff believes in making a difference for our planet.

Let us help you make it happen in a sustainable way!

Sample Programmes

Take a look at Ovation Switzerland DMC’s sample incentive programmes to find out how you can make the most of your trip to Switzerland, the home of ‘the colossal and the well-ordered’.

Contact Ovation Switzerland – Geneva & Zurich Office


For all enquiries please contact Renato Grieco

Ovation Switzerland – Geneva office, 9, Rue du Pré-Bouvier – 1242, Satigny, Geneva, Switzerland Tel: +(00) 41 22 33 99 900

Ovation Switzerland – Zurich office, Schaffhauserstrasse 550, 8052 Zurich,  Switzerland Tel: +(00) 4144 809 42 00

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