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Dharma Adventures is a niche Destination Management Company, offering personalised services to your valued clients looking for life changing experiences in Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

We have been operating in these areas since 1991, growing steadily while ensuring that the quality of services remain high and the product, top notch. Our aim is to provide your clients with unique experiences the Himalayan countries can offer.

Agile, knowledgeable and efficient staff; top of the line equipment and well-maintained vehicles has always been the backbone of our company. Our focus on safety, hygiene, minimum environmental impact and social giveback programs has proven well and we continue to pursue it.

Why Nepal?

  • Nepal boasts eight of the world’s tallest mountains and the world’s oldest Hindu and Buddhist sites.
  • While Kathmandu Valley is made of three ancient cities filled with enchanting medieval palaces, pagodas, temples, statues and stupas, the rest of the kingdom offers unparalleled adventure options with abundance in flora and fauna.
  • As for its people – from the Tharus that share their land with the splendid Asian tuskers in the plains to the brave Yak herders of Dolpo, they are as amazing as the land itself.
  • Here in its tropical jungles, the Royal Bengal Tiger prowls, higher up the legend of the Yeti lives on.
  • Although modernisation has set in, the quintessence of ancient Nepal remains amongst its people.


  • Everest Close Up – Charter helicopter to Everest.
  • Talk by a Mount Everest summiteer.
  • Meeting Kumari–the living goddess of Nepal.
  • Interaction with Buddhist Scholars.
  • Up close with nature and mountains.
  • Cooking demonstration.
  • Home cooked Nepali food.
  • Pottery making.
  • Cycling through villages.
  • Village walks.
  • Wildlife in Chitwan with jungle walks & safaris.

Sample Programmes



Kathmandu & Chitwan 6 Nights – Nepal    Kathmandu & Pokhara 6 Nights – Nepal


Nepal UNESCO Heritage Tour 3 Nights


Contact Ovation Nepal


Your contact at Dharma Adventures, Ovation’s Strategic Partner in Nepal is Priyanka Tuladhar.




Dharma Adventures

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