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Time is the best proof of reliability. Established on February 05, 1994 TURAN ASIA LLP is known as one of the leaders of Kazakhstan’s tourist business. The Company has been taking care of development of the tourist potential of Kazakhstan for over 20 years and opens new amazing tour products for its clients. Turan Asia also has a profound expertise in organisation of meetings, incentives and events that have a unique «Kazakhstani feeling» that cannot be experienced anywhere.


Why Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is located right in the heart of Eurasian continent. The country is the largest one in Central Asia and 9th largest country in the world.

  • Kazakhstan is a beautiful country, particularly to those who are attracted to desert landscapes.
  • A considerable variety of natural features, however, can be found to satisfy even the pickiest travellers.
  • Rolling lowland plains are the dominant landform feature of Kazakhstan, however, more than 7000 meters separate the country’s highest and points of elevation.
  • The country population is a mixture of ethnic Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians and 100 other minorities: collectively, the country’s citizens can be referred to as Kazakhstanis. The term “Kazakh” also comes from a Turkic word for adventurer or independent.



Sample Programmes

Please see below the tours around Kazakhstan and incentives try not to lose the opportunity to immerse in a nomadic culture with bustling marketplaces, listen to fascinating and unfamiliar instruments, and taste Kazakh delicacies.



3 days tour Astana – Kazakhstan                                 4 Days Tour in Baikonur – Kazakhstan


Contact Ovation Kazakhstan


For all other information please contact Gulgaisha Kassenkhanova in the Turan Asia,

Ovation’s Strategic Partner in Kazakhstan.

Address: Office 1, 111 a Zheltoksan str., Almaty city 050000, Kazakhstan

tel: +7 727 266 36 87, 266-95-95, 266-36-91, 266-97-97

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